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Kartra™ Reinventing the Shopping Cart

Coming this Summer. You get it Free for 3 full months. Kartra is a full featured eCommerce Platform. Frankly, it's everything we wanted and needed for our 8 figure business, all in one easy to use system!

  • Kartra Pages, Kartra Video
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Full Email CRM with Tagging and Lead Scoring
  • Detailed Reports and Analytics
  • Campaign Building & Marketing Automation
  • Email Autoresponders and Email Broadcasting
  • Integrate with PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.net, or we can do the processing for you.
  • Built-in membership sites and a help desk
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EverWebinar $297/Year 6 Months Free

This summer, EverWebinar™ will debut and sell Separately for $297 per year. During this Grand Opening you get FREE access for a full 6 months and you will be the first to use it. It works hand in hand with WebinarJam Studio

  • Best Evergreen Automated Webinar System
  • Integrates With WebinarJam Studio
  • Easy Setup & Automation
  • Half A Year Access For Free
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WebinarGenesis Instant Access $497

Webinar Genesis contains the sum total of the best Webinar Performance Strategies based on literally 100's of successful Webinars.

  • Released to the public for $497. You get it Free today
  • Perfect Way to Tweak Your WebinarJam Studio Webinars to Their Most Profitable Performance
  • Instant Access to Video Training Portal
  • Action MindMaps & Blueprints
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The All New
WebinarJam Studio™

If you've read this far, you probably already know that webinars are good for your business.

Maybe you're just getting started with Google Hangouts… or maybe you're thinking of taking the leap away from a competitor and to a more cost effective (and fun!) solution. Either way, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised excited about what WebinarJam Studio can do for you.

Over the last year our 17,000+ customers spoke… and we listened. WebinarJam Studio is the result of several hundred suggestions from our users...and we're pretty proud of this baby we all made together.

These new features are designed to revolutionize your online broadcasting. Giving you EXACTLY what you need to generate the most sales, connecting your products and services with the people who need them most.  Click Here to Get Started

You Asked, We Listened.
Brand New Features...

  • Brand new Studio Control Center™ - Everything In ONE Place
  • Attendee Spotlight™ - The Best Way to Create Engagement & Authority
  • Video Engine For Hybrid Webinars™ - There's never been a feature like this in any Webinar Software.
  • Active Offers™ - Display With Urgency Time & Units Left Display
  • Feedback Flow™ - Display Conversion Boosting Data LIVE
  • Replica Replays™ - Everything that happened during your live presentation is replicated and re-presented
  • Jams On Demand™ Marketplace - Easily and freely advertise your upcoming webinar to a new stream of of traffic.
  • Replays On Demand™ - Your Webinar REPLAYS can now be a part of the Jam On-Demand Marketplace

The Studio Control Center™

View Engagement & Analytics, Control Chats, Questions, Polls, Surveys, Offers, Videos, and Live Alerts WebinarJam Studio has all the features you need to give the best webinar possible.

The Hub For Those Powerful Features is The Studio Control Center.

Everything you need to create and control your viewer's experience is now gathered in one highly customizable interface. If you're used to giving solo webinars, this display works in a separate browser tab, with a Dual Screen Display, or on a separate PC or laptop.

It's easy and intuitive enough to use while you're busy giving your presentation. But sometimes it gets tough to follow the chat as your questions fly by, so we designed the Studio Control Center to really shine when it's managed by a moderator on your team.

They can have a single page that lets them moderate the chat room, highlight questions and comments, and much more, all in one easy to use display.

Click Here to See Studio Center In Action

Attendee Spotlight™

You know this already. Interactivity creates engagement. Engagement equals results.

What better way to create engagement than to bring your attendees into the spotlight and give them a chance to share and shine? Now you can Invite ANY of your Webinar Attendees to instantly join the broadcast at anytime.

This makes Q&A a breeze, because instead of a slow chat while you're waiting for your attendee to type a response or followup, you can have an actual conversation with them.

Interactivity Creates Engagement. Engagement Equals Results.

Some other uses? Why not ask your buyers to hop on screen and tell you why they purchased your offer. They can use their microphone, share their screen, or even activate their webcam and appear LIVE to all of your attendees.

It's a powerful testimonial tool as well! Ask your great customers to share their experience with your products - let them tell everyone why you're the right person to trust. Nothing gives your sales a bigger boost than hearing your customers share their success story… live and in person.

It's okay to show off a little...when you see a friend, celebrity, or known personality in your industry, invite them in for a few words to add to the engagement and boost your credibility.

Attendee Spotlight does it all, with just a single click of your mouse.

"Create Authority and Earn Trust and let the power of Attendee Spotlight help you let OTHERS close MORE sales."

Use this feature for absolutely amazing Q&A Coaching, Hands-On Training, Guest Appearances, Demonstrations, Hot Seats, Testimonials, and LIVE Social Proof. You can do this on the fly, too. They don't need a special link. You don't need to know in advance who you're going to pick. You don't need to configure any special settings.

You Just Do It... ...and It Just WORKS!

They raise their hands. You accept. They get a confirmation to join and alerted that their Webcam and Mic will go live when they click. They ARRIVE! When they're done, you click and their Spotlight is ended and they are returned to the attendee room It’s just that simple.

Can you imagine the possibilities? Interview Your Prospects, Answer Specific Questions and Overcome Personal Objections, Create Authority, Earn Trust and let the power of Audience Spotlight let OTHERS close MORE sales for you.

Click to See Our Featured Video on Attendee Spotlight™

The Video Engine for Hybrid Webinars™


On a good webinar, you're going to: Demonstrate, Teach, Interact and Sell

WebinarJam Studio's core functions allow you to do that with: Your Web Camera, Your Presentation Software, and Screen Sharing with your Audience, there's never been a feature like Video Inject™ in any Webinar Software.

It's Like Your Personal On-Demand TV Studio.

Pre-Load up to 5 videos with High Definition and CD Quality Sound. Then the Video Engine™ Plays Your Videos On-Demand during your webinar!

It automatically Mutes your Mic and Shuts off Your Webcam, too. And when you're ready (or the video is done), you return LIVE to your audience.

The Video Engine™ allows you pre-record and edit parts of your presentation, so the really important moments like demonstrations and offers can be seen with no umm… uh and no… hhmm… mistakes! That's it!

When you edit all that out you have your highest possible chance to make an impact. Want to do an interview but your schedules don't mesh? Pre-record it! Pre-Load Testimonials and Social Proof!

Great for Extended Teaching, too! (As in, you took your iPhone on Safari and Recorded it to be part of a Webinar)

See The Video Engine™ for Hybrid Webinars™ in action

Active Offers™ Display with Urgency Timer

Remember the "ole days" when you had to make sure your order link was short, easy to read, and easy for them to type into a browser during your webinar?

It's amazing anyone actually sold product that way. Welcomes to the future. Now you get a Live, "Clickable" Add-To-Cart Button to display when you're ready to make your offer. And that's just the beginning... Two Unique Tools Proven to Increase Conversion.

Introducing Active Timer Urgency!

Now you can add a Countdown Timer to your Active, Clickable Add-to-Cart-Buttons! And it's easy to do! No Coding Required. You just set your Urgency Duration, and when you click a button to display the offer, the timer starts counting...

That's just one (Powerful) way to increase your sales conversion.

Here's another...

Active Offers™ Display with Scarcity Units Display

With Scarcity Units Display, you can show the number of units remaining in your offer. And check this out - you can have total control over how many units remain for sale...

The Automatic Option lets you place a tiny piece of code on your Offer "Thank You Page". Whenever a buyer completes their transaction, a "Unit" is automatically deducted from the remaining total.

Drive Sales With Social Proof

But what if you don't have access to the Thank You Page (For example, say you're promoting an affiliate offer…)

No Problem! You Can Manually Update Your Units Remaining!

Just monitor your email for "Sales Notifications" and update the units remaining with a simple mouse click (Or a dozen… :-)

Now, when your prospects see your limited offer counting down, they'll get off the fence and take action!

Click to see Active Offers™ in action

Feedback Flow™ With Live Alerts

Feedback Flow™ takes your audience interaction to a whole new level! You can display ANY Feedback, ANY Question, really ANYTHING to your audience, all with the click of a button.

Check it out: During your Pitch, someone asks "Do you take PayPal?" With a click, you can display that question to your attendees right in the Webinar Video Window. It looks a little (Okay, a LOT) like a News Broadcast Ticker. With Feedback Flow™, you can not only answer that question Live, you can also Display the answer right on screen along with the question.

And it's not just for questions…

Anything you want can be instantly displayed to your Attendees! See previous customers raving about how awesome you are? Click - Display - Boom!

And your moderators can use the Studio Control Center to "help you out"... Say something profound during your training? Click - Display - Boom!

With Feedback Flow™ you can enhance your training, your social proof, even announce new customers with something called "Buyer Alerts".

Wouldn't it be cool if you could give an onscreen shout-out to those attendees that just purchased your product?

We thought so, too. So, now you can, LOL! Just put a small snippet of code (That WebinarJam Studio creates for you) onto your "Thank You Page".

Now, WebinarJam Studio KNOWS when someone buys your offer. And it will tell you WHO. And with the click of a button, you can display that buyer's name to your attendees. Click - Display - Boom!

Increase your Interactions, Increase Your Engagement,  Increase Your Social Proof… All with Feedback Flow™ (And your mouse, heh).

Click Here to See Feedback Flow with Live Alerts in Action

Replica Replays™

Forget about the same old, tired, boring Webinar Replays that everyone "else" is doing…

Replica Replays™ lets you recreate the same excitement of your Webinar by "Replicating" all the good stuff that happened during your Live Presentation!

A Replica Replay presents your recorded Live Presentation, but with several huge advantages…

  • Your Replay is presented in a "Webinar Room", just like your Live Presentation was.
  • Your Replay includes the original Community Chat, perfectly synchronized to your Presentation.
  • Your Replay includes your Video Engine™ injections, your Feedback Flow™, Your Buyer Alerts, plus…
  • Your Active Offers with Urgency and Scarcity.

Everything that happened during your live presentation is replicated and re-presented during your Replica Replay™.

You can give a whole new meaning to "Encore" presentation, and it's all handled by WebinarJam Studio's Replica Replay™ Engine.

Click Here to See Replica Replays in Action

Jams On Demand™ Marketplace

Do other webinar services give you Traffic to your webinars?

No? Hmmm… WebinarJam does. ;-)

Ready for another way to get More Registrants, More Attendees, and More Sales from every Webinar? Buckle Up…

Introducing the "Jams On-Demand" Marketplace!

Imagine a Destination… A Place where people who love learning and buying from Webinars can visit to stay on the cutting edge. A place where someone can go to see "what's on the air" at any given time…

We took that idea and have turned it into a Marketplace. A place where you can easily and freely advertise your upcoming webinar to a new stream of of traffic.

Just click a button and choose your niche to add your Live Webinar to the Jams On-Demand Marketplace, letting anyone who's browsing through the market register for your Webinar!

And don't worry, we didn't forget about your Replays...

Replays on Demand™

We're taking the Jams On-Demand Marketplace a step further.

Your Webinar REPLAYS can ALSO be a part of the Jam On-Demand Marketplace. And check this out…

When you know you've got a "Winner" of a Webinar Replay, you can make your Replay "Affiliate Friendly". Right next to your Marketplace listing, you can add a link to your affiliate program registration or welcome page, and start attracting even more highly qualified traffic to your Replay.

Of course, if you use WebinarJam Studio to deliver your coaching, training, or fulfillment of your consulting services, you can keep those Jam Sessions PRIVATE.

Click Here to See Jams On Demand in Action

The world's most reliable webinar platform...

Now enhanced by the world's most powerful marketing features!

Still using GoToWebinar's "Horse and Buggy" technology?

Check Out Our Triple Your Money Back Guarantee

Here's How It Works
We are so confident that you will have more successful and more profitable webinars, while also giving your attendees a more enjoyable user experience, that we can make this following Guarantee.

Guarantee: If you are using GoToWebinar to sell your products with webinar marketing, if WebinarJam Studio does not add at least 20% additional revenue to your current campaigns we will Triple your money back.

*Terms: After you go through the WebinarGenesis training, and the WebinarJam Studios training, run a webinar test. Simply compare your Earnings Per Click (EPC) and Dollar Per Registration (DPR) with the same webinar presentation, offer and traffic source that you used for a webinar in GoToWebinar. If we don’t improve your EPC or DPR by at least 20% for the same content, offer and traffic source, provide us with some screenshots and replays as proof and we’ll gladly triple your refund to $891.

Created with Compare Ninja

See Why Top Marketers Have Already Made The Switch To WebinarJam's Innovative Technology (P.S. We did some of the "Math" for you…)

Unlimited Webinars And Unlimited Attendees

Other webinar platforms charge exponential fees as you grow your audience...WebinarJam Studio does NOT. There's no "Tax for Success" here. Bring the Thunder!

Any Schedule, Anytime.

Create your webinars "on the spot", or schedule them for a later time. The system will automatically remind your registrants, via email and/or SMS, at your selected date and time.

Bring a Party of Presenters

Do you run joint-venture webinars with other presenters? Do you want to have a staff member answering the chat comments in real time? No problem! You can add up to 10 co-presenters or co-administrators to your webinar.

Gorgeous Designs. Without the Designer.

WebinarJam Studio comes with a library of High-Converting Registration Pages ready for your "Fill-in-the-blanks" marketing skills.
Simply select your favorite template, fill out the fields (headline, description text, etc) and... Click-Boom-Done!

And every template is "Responsive Designed". They'll look great on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile device.

Or, Bring Your Own…
Already have a Custom Design? Cool - WebinarJam Studio is flexible. You can use your existing registration pages (Landing Page, Website, Blog, etc.) and use WebinarJam's integration code to capture your Webinar Registrations.

WebinarJam Gives You Full "Signal Flexibility"

Show your Audience exactly what you want. Share your Screen, Broadcast Your WebCam. Show your Slides, Doodle in a Doc, Display your Mind Maps. If it can appear on your desktop or in your camera, it can be shown on your webinar.

Parlez-Vous… Turkish? We do!

Do you want to reach out to an international audience? English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish and more!

Just select your preferred language, and the system will translate everything for you: the webinar registration page, the live room, the replay page, etc.

Opt-In Options!

Keep control of your Branding, Your Look and Feel, and Your Traffic!
Using WebinarJam Studio's "copy-and-paste" embed code, you can display your Webinar Registration Form on any site you control.

Embed your "Join Webinar" button on your Blog, in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and when a visitor clicks, a Registration Form (Fully Integrated with WebinarJam Studio) will trigger. And of course, it works with standard HTML coded sites (In case you're still into that sorta thing).

WebinarJam Studio comes with power-user
features For Marketers that want every possible advantage.

A Mega-Marketing Machine. Cleverly Disguised as a Webinar.

One-click-signup technology!

Ever see a 100% Click-to-Registration Conversion? That could be in your future.
Here's how: In your broadcast email, you can embed a "Click to Register" link. Anyone that clicks on that link will be automatically registered for your upcoming webinar! That's right, no bounce, no lost registrations, no annoying "Filling of the Forms" :-) ...

Now, your "Click Through Rate" becomes your "Webinar Registration Conversion Rate". (This is why we allow unlimited attendance… Heh.)

There's No Place Like (Your) Home (Page)

You've worked hard to create your Brand. Now WebinarJam Studio lets your Brand work hard for you.

WebinarJam Studio lets you keep your Webinar Campaigns and even their broadcasts on the same place your audience is most comfortable with - Your Site.

You can use WebinarJam Studio's Webinar Embed Code and present your Live Broadcast anywhere. On your Home Page, inside your Blog, even inside your Membership site. And when your broadcast ends, you can publish your replay - anywhere.

Your Virtual Boardroom… or Water Cooler!

Your online business is global. Now your meetings can be too. Stop traveling for face-to-face meetings. Simply set up a WebinarJam online conference room, send the private invitation link to your colleagues, and let the meeting start right away!

Start meetings anytime, anywhere, within seconds.: Setting up meetings for sales demos and collaborations on the go couldn't be any easier.

Where else can you get every important business meeting recorded and replayed for later reference. Better than a secretary taking shorthand minutes, you get a complete record of what was said and who said it!

Time-Saving Trainings

Training your team or your customers? No problem. Train your team using WebinarJam... from anywhere in the world!

Save on meeting space, travel costs.. you don't even have to buy coffee! With WebinarJam, your virtual meetings are inexpensive and efficient. Share your screen, a powerpoint presentation, share documents or files, etc... no need for a conference room!

Be like CNN… or just Look Like It!

In the television industry, "lower thirds" are added to the screen… a graphic that shows you the name and a tagline or description of the person speaking.

WebinarJam gives you the same technology as the media giants for your broadcast! Add an overlay footer bar with your name and webinar topic to brand your webinar and make it unique! That way, when your attendees log into the webinar room, they will know right away who you are, and what the webinar is about!

Oh, and you can switch it ON/OFF and edit the text lines, on the fly, at any point through the webinar at your convenience!

Stat Geek? Welcome to the Club (We have Jackets) See A Full Breakdown Of ALL Your Webinar Stats In One Place

You'll always have access to detailed analytics about your webinars: traffic, registrations, attendees, sales, revenue, earnings per visitor, earnings per attendee, etc. You name it, we track it!

Instantly download a full report with your registrants, their name, email, phone number, whether they attended to the webinar or not, whether they've watched the webinar replay or not. , if they purchased, or not… And then, send them a message customized to their "Status".

Communication that Converts, Continuously
Webinar Attendance Rates, Exploded

Email reminders of your webinar

Remind your registrants about the webinar so they never forget to attend. Queue up a series of automated pre-webinar email reminders, to keep your Webinar on their Radar.. For example, you can queue up 4 email reminders to be sent out to all your registrants 48 hours, 24 hours, 6 hours and 15 minutes before the webinar, including a quick summarization of what the webinar will be about and the link to the webinar room.

Plus, queue up a series of automated post-webinar emails, giving them the link to the webinar replay, or the link any product/service you might be selling, or survey them for feedback about your webinar, or simply thanking them for attending. Because that's always nice. :-)

SMS and voice message "Last-minute call"

Because No One Ever FORGETS to Check their Calandar - Ever… *Cough*
Go ahead and configure the system to automatically SMS every registrant a few minutes before the webinar's scheduled date and time.

Even better: you can pre-record a voice message asking them to log into the webinar room immediately, and the system will call your registrants right before the webinar and play that message... (Unconfirmed reports indicate that "Singing" Your Invitation increases conversion. Use with Caution.)

The Social Network(s)

There's this thing called "Facebook". Some say it's "Good" for Marketing. Also, folks, seem to get a lot of "News" from this other thing called "Twitter". Seems important, so we added the option for you to use their Buttons. Let us know if they are a real thing or just a fad, mmmkay?

Grow your Biggest Business Asset- Your List.

Our platform integrates with most of the major email autoresponder companies in the market, so all your webinar registrants can be automatically subscribed to your mailing list. The whole process will happen 100% seamlessly in the background, without you or them having to do anything at all (Unless you just want to keep hitting the refresh button)!

You know what's cool?  PAID WEBINARS, that's what.

There's a rumor that some people will actually "Pay" to attend a really good webinar. And we thought, "Cool". So, now you can do that. Yay! Charge a fee to attend your awesome presentation!

You can integrate with all the popular online payment gateways: PayPal, Clickbank, Infusionsoft, 1ShoppingCart,and use your own merchant account.

Plus, we've implemented a security measure so only those users who've completed the payment will actually be able to register to the webinar. No one will be able to bypass the payment process, because… Duh!

"Just Click The BUTTON" to get started (FINALLY!)
Real Add-to-Cart Buttons Get More Sales.

We're not entirely sure why this hasn't been done sooner…

Say that you find yourself using your webinar to "SELL" something (No seriously, this is a good story)... And you get to that point where you want people to BUY something…

Wouldn't it be cool if they could actually CLICK a BUTTON to buy it?

Now, they can (Cue Trumpets).

It's simple. First, Pre-Configure whatever kind of offer you want: One for your Product, or maybe an Application for Consulting or to join your Mastermind, or to get a Special Download, ya know - an OFFER. Also known as a "Call to Action"...

And then, during your Webinar, when you want to make said "Offer", you just click a button and BOOM - an actual, CLICKABLE Button and Image appears for your audience to engage with.

We know, it's not as cool as that spoon-bending scene from "The Matrix", but for some reason, people like to click on things before they buy stuff. It's pretty neat.

Chat them Up! Make it a (Sales) Party with Real-Time Community Chat!

Give your attendees a living, breathing community!

Let them ask questions, overcome their objections, encourage participation, and engage your audience!

This is a feature no webinar should be without!
Unless, that is, you don't want it (Because you can turn it off - maybe you're shy?)

WebinarJam Studio's Chat Feature is a fully controllable communications device. Not only can you create a community chat room during your webinar, you'll also have complete control.

Parting Shots (at their attention!)

And check this out - with a click, you will be able to redirect all attendees to any specific web page (for example, your own website or sales page) at any point through the webinar event. Don't end the conversation when the webinar ends… send them to your Facebook fanpage, Twitter account, website, or just pictures of your cat. This is a great way to "Rick Roll" your audience (But it might result in a slight decrease in sales. Or Not.)

Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking

Getting more traffic is cool - and you should consider doing that. And if you use paid Advertising Services, you should absolutely track your conversion goals.
To help you do that, WebinarJam Studio integrates seamlessly with services like Google Analytics, (The) Facebook, and with any other 3rd-party tracking systems that uses "pixel tracking". Best of all, we've already added all the code to our pages, so there's no messing with complicated code. Just enter your tracking IDs and we do the rest.

Will this play on…?

Yes! Your registrants will be able to access your webinar no matter their device, operating system or internet browser.

PC or Mac... desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android... Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari... it doesn't matter, we're compatible with them all!

Personal Desktop Broadcasting. Now Available with Incredible Marketing.

Take Control Of Your Online Presence With Webinar Jam

  • Responsive template designs

    You don’t need a programmer or a designer: simply pick any of our gorgeous built-in templates and you’re good to go.

  • Your site, your design!

    You can register people to your webinar straight from your own website under your own custom design and branding.

  • Email and SMS reminders

    Automated email and SMS pre-webinar reminders so nobody forgets to attend the webinar!

  • Polls and surveys

    Launch Polls and survey at any point through your webinar with the click on a mouse, and receive your audience votes in real time.

  • Public and private chat

    Each webinar room has a moderated chat box that you, as the admin, can turn public or private. Moreover, you can send private messages and private questions, mute specific users, etc. The perfect tool to encourage interaction and to run Q&A!

  • Webcam and desktop sharing

    Run a webcam conference, plus desktop-sharing features, and broadcast your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.

  • Push real-time offers

    With the click on a mouse, you can display any offer, link or clickable button in front of your audience. These pop-in call to actions will boost your click-through-ratios through the roof.

  • Mass-redirect your audience

    If you want to redirect your audience to any website at the end of the webinar, or if you want to open a new page in their own new internet browser mid-way through the webinar, all you have to do is to type the desired URL in your admin console, and it will open it up for them right away!

  • Automatically record your sessions

    Your webinar session will automatically recorded by the system and automatically uploaded to the internet so you can offer (or download) the replay video to your audience. You never have to worry about hitting that record button again.

  • Export registrants list

    It’s your Data, take it anywhere you want. You can Download a full list of your registrants, see who attended and who missed the webinar, who watched the replay, who purchased your products, etc. See all their details: name, email, phone, IP, etc.

  • Up to 10 simultaneous speakers

    Conduct webinars with up to 10 simultaneous active speakers, all being able to broadcast their respective webcam, their screen, their slide presentation.This is great for virtual summits which is quickly becoming the fastest growing trend in webinar marketing.

  • Unlimited attendees

    You can virtually pack thousands of people into your webinar… there’s no limit whatsoever! And since our webinars are hosted in the cloud, they can take an almost unlimited number of people. Never worry again about “Max Attendee Limits” like the others guys.

  • Pay-per-attend webinars

    You can charge a fee for people to register and attend., Now only paying customers will be able to register and attend the webinar. This is one of the hottest trends in webinars now. Registrants that pay to attend have higher show rates and higher buy rates.

  • Autoresponder integration

    We integrate with all the autoresponder companies in the market so you can funnel your registrants straight into your mailing list. Webinars are one of the best ways to build a list.

  • Cross-platform compatibility

    Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android…we love them all! If it connects to the Internet then it connects to WebinarJam Studio.

  • Embed the webinar window

    Embed the webinar window to your own website so your audience can watch your live/replay sessions directly from your own site. Market where you want. We put the control in your hands.

  • Post-webinar target emails

    You can automate targeted post-webinar emails, sending a different email to your registrants depending on whether they attended to the webinar, or whether they purchased your products, etc. Better targeting equals more post-webinar sales!

  • STUDIO is New From the ground up

    All new written from the ground up with the Larval Framework to be the most full featured and most reliable Webinar platform on the market, Period. The WebinarJam STUDIO upgrade gives you new higher converting landing page templates, easy to use interface, and tools that just work!

  • Detailed analytics

    Monitor every single metric: visitors, registrants, attendees, sales, earnings per click, earnings per attendee, etc. You can only improve what you measure so this data helps you profit more on each webinar that you do.

  • One-click signup technology

    With our hot-link technology, you can register people into your webinar automatically if they click a mere link!

  • Social media integration

    Embed Facebook and Twitter share buttons in your webinar pages and see your webinars go viral and get you more customers

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  • Lock In Your $100 PER YEAR Savings On WebinarJam Studio
  • 6 Months Ever Webinar Access
  • Webinar Genesis Training Suite ($497 Value)

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